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Are You Trying to Get Healthier in 2021? Try These Tips!

After the rollercoaster of 2020, many are looking to make 2021 their year by living healthier and happier lives. There are many ways to implement healthier habits, and with the right mindset, these habits can become lifelong changes. All you need to do is commit to starting now.

Inner Peace Behavioral Health helps people manage change and stick to their healthy commitments. With this in mind, we’ve come up with these four ways to help you start healthy habits that become easy-as-pie lifestyles.

Find a way to move

Moving your body releases endorphins, which is one of the many reasons why exercise is recommended when you’re feeling blue. These chemical reactions can help reduce stress, raise self-confidence and self-esteem, lessen depression and anxiety symptoms, and so much more. Instead of doing something you hate to do but that’s “good for you,” find a way to move that makes you happy. From gym classes to YouTube videos, there are all sorts of unconventional ways to get your blood pumping. Even starting with a simple walk after dinner can have a marked impact on your health — and your mood. The more you move the better you’ll feel, so don’t hesitate to do a little dance next time things are going your way.

Understand the ‘why’ of your food

Eating is such a daily constant that many of us don’t take the time to slow down and examine why we make the choices we do. All of us know we should eat more vegetables and quit eating potato chips on the couch, but we still find ourselves looking for the next bag of sour cream and onion chips. Dig into your relationship with food — do you eat when you’re hungry, or when you’re bored? Do you think of food as a chore to get through or an opportunity to fuel your body and keep it strong? Jumping into a diet without understanding why you do what you do can be a recipe for disaster and disappointment. Working with a trained counselor or life coach can help you understand yourself a bit better and help you make real, sustainable changes.

Change how you shop

If we know we need more vegetables, then how do those bags of chips end up in the shopping cart? Grocery stores are designed to draw you in and grab your attention, which means many of us buy boxed meals, high-sodium snacks, and a shocking amount of added sugars. This marketing has been so refined that it’s almost impossible to avoid, no matter how committed to the shopping list we are. The easiest way to avoid this trap is to find your local health food store; they carry fresh produce, a wide variety of supplements, and even healthier versions of our favorite binge foods. Check out your store and watch your diet change as if by magic. 

Remake your space

When you decide to pick up some new habits, it can be important to recognize the development in a tangible way, such as new school supplies signal the beginning of a new year for children. Our living spaces tend to reflect our mind; when we’re feeling down, housework can be put to the side and clutter can start to pile up. Take some time to work through your space and declutter, and open up the windows to air out the space. You’ll be surprised how much better your whole family will feel when your home feels refreshed. 

When you approach exercise, eating, shopping, and living space design with a healthy and healing mindset, you can find plenty of ways to start and stick to your health goals. 

This year, make resolutions to your whole health, not just a number on a scale. The team at Inner Peace Behavioral Health is ready to help you plan for a healthier year and make goals you can resolve to keep. Contact Certified Life Coach Dale Rogalski, MA of Inner Peace Behavioral Health for life coaching today to make 2021 your year. Use his contact form or call (734) 344-5291.

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